Simple Grain Monitoring

At the bin site

Moisture & Temp Cables

View grain conditions via bluetooth while you're at the bin site

Helps you detect potential problems and decide when to run the fans

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BinCheck Deluxe

Simple Grain Monitoring

Anytime - Anywhere

Access grain bin data anytime, from anywhere via smartphone tablet or pc.  Also receive alerts via text or email to act quickly if needed.

With a BinCheck Deluxe account you can view the real time moisture and temperature of your grain without making multiple trips to your bins.  

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Hands-Off Grain Bin Management

BinManager combines the features of BinCheck Deluxe with Automation of your fans and heaters.

No longer risk spoilage or over-drying in your grain bins.  BinManager intelligently measures both moisture and temperature of the grain inside the bin, the outside air and the plenum in order to signal when the fans and heater should turn on and run productive air through the grain.

The net result: Reduced over-dry, energy use, risk of spoilage, increased profits and peace of mind.  

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