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Whether your equipment needs repair or just regular maintenance and calibration, we're here for you!

Phone Support


Give us a call.  Sometimes that's all it takes.  

We have 17 years experience supporting grain testers from DICKEY-john and Perten.  We'll be more than happy to diagnose and solve any issues over the phone if possible.  We think it's just the right thing to do.  

If we can't help you fix it over the phone, we'll make a plan to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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Calibration Updates



Check with us before harvest to make sure your moisture meter or NIR Analyzer has the latest software and calibration updates. 

USDA/GIPSA reviews and updates the UGMA Moisture Meter calibrations as needed every May 1st and August 1st.  

Aside from actual calibration of your meter, these updates are the minimum that your moisture meter needs to stay in line with industry standards.

We'll make the task of updating your meter simple.

Update Options

Repair / Preventative Maintenance / Calibration


There is more to calibrating your tester than installing new calibrations.  These are precision instruments that need inspected, maintained and adjusted periodically.  This small detail can prevent costly breakdowns and make a large financial impact to your bottom line.

  You can be confident  that all grain testers serviced by Scott Ag Solutions will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, maintained and calibrated to meet Scott Ag Solutions Tolerances.  Our tolerances for the commercial grain trade are tighter than those required by the mfg, NIST Handbook 44, NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program), and FGIS (Federal Grain Inspection Service)

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If you don't have a spare tester to use while we service yours, let us know.  We have a number of loaners available and will do our best to keep you up and running.

Perten AM5200-A Support

Calibration Updates


 If your Perten AM5200-A shows "Your service date has been reached" that's just Perten's helpful way of reminding you it's that time for the USDA/GIPSA UGMA calibration updates.  You can still use your AM5200-A by simply closing the message.  See below for some free and simple options to update your meter.

  • Order a USB thumbdrive with the file already loaded.  We'll send it with the instructions already printed so you can get right to it. A great option for those not wanting to download.  This thumb drive can be used for multiple AM5200-A units within your company as long as they have the current software.  We can even schedule to have these arrive at your site before the Bi-Annual due dates.

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Download Calibration Update - FREE

All you need is a USB thumbdrive and your computer.

*** WARNING ***

The calibration update below is only for the AM5200-A model and only for those in the United States.  Do NOT use this calibration update for the AM5200-FARM model or for AM5200-A units outside the U.S.


Download and print the instructions.


Click on the "CALIBRATION FILE" and follow the instructions



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