Automate your sliding shed doors today!

Features and benefits

Propel handheld 4 button remote. Keep in pocket, on keychain or clipped in your truck, tractor, etc.

Operate your sliding doors with a remote!

Stay seated.  Now you can open and close those sliding doors with the touch of a button.


Installs on your new or existing doors!

If your doors are hard to move, that's ok.  Scott Ag can help with that too.  We can make adjustments to your door's trolleys and guides to get them back in shape.


Keep your existing door height

Keep the same door height for your large equipment.  No need to replace with an overhead door, bi-fold, or hydraulic door and lower the header.  The system mounts inside the building above the bottom of the header.  In some cases like buildings with finished ceilings you may loose 1 to 2 inches but this is very rare.


Door guides keep your door on track

You wont be wrestling the door and holding it from the wind anymore because you will likely be opening it from afar with the remote.  So the system includes several patented door guide options to keep your door on track and protect it from the wind.



Stop climbing on and off your equipment just to unlatch and open your doors.  Replace your latches with the Cincher system to automatically draw your doors tight to the building when closed.  The operator itself keeps the doors locked from opening.  Power outage... No Problem.  Simply pull the cord on the inside and open doors manually.


Twin or Single Doors, Big or Small, we move them all!

Singles 3 to 30 feet wide or twin doors up to 60 feet wide.  You can operate one door at a time or both simultaneously.  You can also start and stop doors anywhere.  

Also works on interior and bypass sliding doors.


Commercial Strength

 5 Year Warranty on Operator

2 Years on Accessories


Quiet Operation

Don't spook the horses.  Most doors make more noise than the operator.  



Photo cell sensors and internal object detection reverse the doors to keep you and your assets safe.


DIY install or have Scott Ag Solutions install and make your doors work great again!