Mid Continent Industries – Grain Dockage Tester

MCI Kicker

Grade for dockage with ease, speed, accuracy, & consistency.   Increase your profits by greatly reducing time, labor and human error from hand sieving and picking.  Let the MCI Kicker screen most grains for:

  • Shrunken & Broken
  • Overs/Scalped material
  • Clean Grain
  • Broken Kernels
  • Splits
  • Aspirated Material
  • Dockage
  • FM

Smaller Footprint and Quieter Design

Achieving GIPSA/FGIS results comparable requirement

MCI Auto-Kicker

Automate the majority of your grading process with the MCI Auto-Kicker to increase profits. 

Kicker + Perten IM9500 + Perten AM5200-A + MCI Automation = Auto-Kicker

Simply probe the incoming grain trucks or sample the outgoing loads and let the Auto-Kicker deliver the results to you.