Truck Probes and Accessories


We specialize in service of the Apollo and JaHam Probes from Gamet Mfg. but can also service most other brands. If your truck probe needs rebuilt or just repair, routine maintenance or calibration give us a call. We can make sure your truck probe is operating smoothly and accurately.

If you service your own, we also carry replacement and wear parts such as hoses, blower/vac motors, hydraulic oil and filters.


We offer the Apollo and Jaham line of Truck Probes, Samplers, and Accessories such as sample return systems and tubing support and structure systems. Give us a call to discuss the the right system and layout to maximize efficiency of your operation.


Scott Ag Solutions offers full or partial installation of truck probes, tubing & support structures & sample return systems to suit your needs. Professional installation can save you many headaches and ensure accurate samples are taken for many years to come.

Gamet MFG

Apollo 610A

The Model 610A is the smaller of the Apollo truck probe offerings. It is ideal for use with all whole grains in low to mid-volume applications. The 610A is supplied with a dual joystick operator control station and is available with many of the complete line of accessory items.

JaHam JT10

The model JT10 is a highly durable probe system designed for low to mid-volume facilities. This probe system features a longer reach and longer core probe than the model JT03. The JT10 is ruggedly built to provide your operations with years of use at an affordable price.

Model 17

The Model 17 is specifically designed for high volume grain handlers. It is built with the finest components for years of use with minimal maintenance. The model 17 is ideal for processing plants, barge terminals and facilities desiring the most rugged probe available.

JaHam JT20

The model JT20 is the largest of the JaHam probes. It is ideal for processing plants and high volume grain elevator applications where daily dependability is a must. Its proven track record provides you the sampling confidence required in your daily operations.

JaHam JT03

The model JT03 is the most economical truck probe available.  It is ideal for those satellite facilities that have low truck volume during most of the year and high volume during the harvest season.  The ideal “starter” probe for those who are skeptical about using truck probe sampling systems.

Gamet Sample Return System

Accumulated sample in your testing area is a problem. Gamet produces systems that enable your operator to return unused and unneeded sample back to a waiting truck or other vessel. These systems help with facility housekeeping and efficiency. Each system consists of an excess sample intake hopper, blower/air transportation system, tubing and fittings as needed and system controller with timer for system automation. This is and ideal addition to your truck probe sampling system.